A pint is a pint but not always in Vancouver bars

Dec 19 2017, 8:45 pm

Lauded by many for proposing fresh, practical solutions for affordable housing and child care, City Council candidate RJ Aquino and the OneCity team are today tackling another affordability issue gripping Vancouver — the price of beer. And/or cider.

The OneCity team has conducted extensive field testing and, without naming names, has found a great deal of confusion around serving sizes of the tasty and refreshing alcoholic beverages poured into glasses in Vancouver bars and restaurants. A pint is almost never a pint, and no one seems to be sure what a glass or a sleeve is.

In the interests of properly serving Vancouver residents living in an expensive city and encouraging spending in the local economy with full faith in what consumers receive in return OneCity and RJ Aquino have a solution: City Hall should use its business licensing powers to require bars and restaurants to list the actual sizes of the drinks they sell and their prices, and the City should assign penalties for businesses that don’t follow these Provincial guidelines.

“A pint is 568 millilitres and that should mean you get 568 millilitres of your favourite local beer or cider, don’t call it a pint unless it is a pint,” City Council candidate RJ Aquino says. “A fun city is an affordable city where you know what you are getting for your money. Accurately listing serving sizes is in the best interests of public safety and ensuring all of our great local bars and restaurants are operating on a level playing field.”

“For three years we have been campaigning for establishments to ‘Fess up to serving sizes,’ or #FUSS, because we’re finding that short pouring is now very widespread in the city,” says Adam Chatburn, President of the Campaign for Real Ale Society, Vancouver Branch. “We’ve regularly reported our findings to the city licensing offices, but they don’t seem interested in ensuring that customers get what they pay for. I think that beer drinkers in Vancouver would be happy to have a city councillor like RJ Aquino standing up for them.”

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