Fashion Fix - Pink Tartan 'The Washable Collection'

Dec 19 2017, 8:26 am

Last night at the Bay, Pink Tartan teamed up with Tide to unveil their new Washable Collection! A fashionable and ready to wear line of beautiful ensembles that are washer/dryer safe! How many times have you found a great dress, blouse or work pants only to be turned off by that dreaded, awful “dry clean only,” or even worse, the “please hand wash” tag. I’ll be honest, sometimes those instructions on after-care are what make or break a purchase for me. And when I do make the splurge, sometimes my poor garments sit there drycleaner-less (gasp!) for weeks.

Pink Tartan3

Thank goodness for women that design with other women in mind! Pink Tartan designer Kim Newport-Mimran designed the collection with functionality in mind – a reflection of her own closet, sensible and stylish tables for the everyday busy woman.

Pink Tartan7

It’s always nice not to stand alone! Chinchin, myself battling a cold and a five-head, and Tania.

Pink Tartan5

Pink Tartan6

Pink Tartan1

I had major outfit envy last night for this adorable party go-er. Of course I had to take a creeper shot (sorry, not sorry). How adorable are her shoes? And that whole ensemble, love it.

Pink Tartan4

The models working it kind of vicious.

Pink Tartan2

Goodie bags, filled with…

Pink Tartan8

Tide Pods and more detergent! Made for an interesting and very heavy walk home after. Thanks to The Bay and Pink Tartan for having us! For an upclose and personal view of all the goodies, check out the 2nd floor at The Bay Pacific Center.