Pink Elephant Thai extends Dine Out

Dec 19 2017, 1:51 pm

During the Dine Out Vancouver Festival over the past two weeks, many of Pink Elephant Thai’s patrons voiced their delight in the various selections on the $28 menu.

If you’ve visited Pink Elephant Thai in the past, you might have tried the wallet-friendly $10 lunches (available 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily), but lots of regulars decided to take advantage of Dine Out to try dishes that they haven’t yet sampled. In order to give everyone more of a chance to try these dishes, Pink Elephant Thai is extending their Dine Out menu through to February 13!

Over the past two weeks, customers had some clear favourites, and here’s what they liked the most:


The most popular appetizer was their Calamari – deep fried to a crispy exterior with juicy nuggets of tender squid inside. Tossed with Thai spices and peppers, this is a great dish for sharing too, but only if you want to.

duck spring rolls

Another appetizer brought back by popular demand is the Duck Spring Rolls, or affectionately known as Duck Sticks. Alas, it’s not on the Dine Out menu, but it’s definitely worth a try. Named one of Vancouver Best Things to Eat and Drink by Vancouver Magazine, it’s a crispy and tasty spring roll filled with duck confit, served with a slightly tangy dipping sauce.

choo chee salmon

And now for the main course options. One crowd pleaser was definitely the Choo Chee Salmon. A large filet of seared salmon sitting on top of a bed of rich, red curry. The coconut flavours are subtle, and does a great job in enhancing the overall dish.

pineapple short ribs

A surprise hit was the Pineapple Braised Short Ribs. The curry is rich and creamy but it’s the beef that steals the show. Fork tender and flavoured with Thai spices, this dish had people raving. Many added a bowl of rice to their dinner, just to soak up all the sauce!

thai tea ice cream

And if you like Thai Ice Tea, then you will be sure to enjoy a new twist via their Thai Tea Ice Cream dessert. The strong flavour of the black tea comes through clearly, but you can also taste a bit of the Thai spices. Be sure to give it a try!

pink at a glance

As mentioned, Pink Elephant is extending their menu through to February 13. If you decide to join them this Saturday, be ready for a great time at #getPINKed with a live DJ performing at 7 p.m.

Pink Elephant Thai

Address: 1152 Alberni Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-646-8899


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