Physical Touch is Important in a Relationship

Dec 19 2017, 4:49 am

Do you know the fastest way to create chemistry and bonding in a relationship? It’s through physical touch; we all need to be cuddled and stroked to feel loved and accepted, whether it be from a parent in our childhood or from a loved one in a relationship.

People are designed to be social and we need and crave physical touch so much that we can get lonely and depressed after prolonged periods of isolation.

When you’re in a relationship with that special someone, physical touch is even more important. It’s fundamental to the relationship. Sometimes, for the newly dating, breaking the ice and getting more comfortable with touching is confusing for both sides.

Suppose you just started dating someone, you both really like each other and want to get more physical, but neither of you want to make any wrong moves and risk offending the other person. What do you do?

Assuming you have a good feel of your relationship chemistry and where it is going, the simplest and best ways to start deliberate touching is through holding hands and cuddling. This can progress very quickly to the kissing stage (not sure how to initiate the kiss? See us, our contact info is below) and from there, things can escalate very quickly. Consider giving each other massages next, either while watching television or when you’re about to go to bed. These don’t have to be full body massages or even overtly sexual.

A more intimate and extreme example of touching when you are already deeply in a relationships can even be giving each other back rubs while in the shower. This can also be a great time to use those scented massage oils you’ve been dying to use. Before hopping into the show, throw a few towels into the dryer so you’ll have a nice warm towel to wrap each other in when you come out.

The list of ways to use physical touch while dating, or in a relationship, can be endless. Just take your time and do what makes you both feel good.

By Ronald Lee and Matt Ha

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