19 photos of Pink Shirt Day in Vancouver

Dec 20 2017, 4:21 am

Vancouverites came out in full force on Wednesday to take a stand against bullying by wearing pink. CKNW’s Pink Shirt Day 2016 was another wild success in the journey to end bullying thanks to strong participation by Vancouverites.

Here are 19 photos of Pink Shirt Day in Vancouver.

Doing Pink Shirt Day right! #pinkshirtday #pinkshirt #nobullies #nobulliesallowed #vancouver #vancity

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the world is not immune to bullies. it’d be nice to think one day we could eradicate that type of shit completely, but I don’t see it happening. not until we all pull up our spanx and face all our issues head on. but most people will never do such a thing. everyone has been bullied, guaranteed. people bully others every day, not just kids who bully other kids, but full grown “they should know better” adults. an adult attempted to bully me the other day and I wasn’t having any of it. we bully in real life, we bully behind the glow of screens, we bully because we are hurting so badly. and I think the worst kind of bully is parents who bully their children. what kind of hope does that kid have if they are taught that’s how people communicate and have relationships? wear a pink shirt today, or don’t. using a hashtag to raise awareness and money is great. but mostly, I hope you have the courage and strength to go “nope. no thanks. why are you doing this?” when someone tries to bring you down. shield yourself with kindness [and definitely some good friends]. I’ve got mine @tamarastanners here. because we all have moments that challenge our strength and superpowers and can feel alone, but there are many resources and people to connect and tap into [including me!]. only hurting people hurt people.

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On Wednesdays we wear pink, and give out free hugs. It’s not bunny to be a bully. #PinkShirtDay #Vancouver

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Traded in our orange & blue today. #PinkShirtDay #AntiBullying #OfficeMovePro #OMPvancouver

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