25 photos of Dîner en Blanc 2015 at Canada Place

Dec 19 2017, 5:02 pm

The coveted Dîner en Blanc outdoor picnic took place at Canada Place this year.



Attendees dressed in their chicest all-white ensembles and amassed by the thousands – 4,500 to be exact – to eat food, drink wine, and to rub shoulders with Vancouver’s fancy picnic aficionados.


Check out 25 photos of the most beautiful event of the year.

Photos by the Glass Eye Photography

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Diner_en_Blanc_002 (1) Diner_en_Blanc_003 Diner_en_Blanc_006 Diner_en_Blanc_008 Diner_en_Blanc_009 Diner_en_Blanc_013 Diner_en_Blanc_017 Diner_en_Blanc_019 Diner_en_Blanc_022 Diner_en_Blanc_023 Diner_en_Blanc_031 Diner_en_Blanc_033 Diner_en_Blanc_034 Diner_en_Blanc_036 Diner_en_Blanc_042 Diner_en_Blanc_045 Diner_en_Blanc_047 Diner_en_Blanc_051 Diner_en_Blanc_054 Diner_en_Blanc_055 Diner_en_Blanc_058 Diner_en_Blanc_059 Diner_en_Blanc_062 Diner_en_Blanc_066 Diner_en_Blanc_081