Spring cleaning your skin with photo facials

Dec 19 2017, 8:45 pm

We can’t wait for Spring. The first order of business is to give our skincare a much needed seasonal check up. Winter has left our derma feeling and dry, and the sunspots are looking even more apparent. The solution? Look beyond the potions and lotions to a laser treatment that can often do more in single treatment than what an entire bottle of serum can do.

We sat down with local laser skincare expert Rita Moldovanos of Pure Light Laser to talk about photofacials. What are they, are they worth it, what’s the down time and cost? Read on to learn more.

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

The 411 on photo facials – Q&A with Rita Moldovanos

How do laster photo facials work?

Every laser has something it is attracted to. IPL (intense pulse light) photofacials work by attracting melanin and hemoglobin. It targets sunspots, broken capillaries, vascular scarring and rosacea. The heat of the laser brings it up to the surface and disperses it, reducing its visibility on the skin.

How many sessions will it take to get rid of sunspots?

Redness from rosacea can take at times three to five sessions which you’ll need to do at least three weeks apart. Sunspots (with a Palomar Starlux) can take only one to two sessions depending on your skin and the damage.

What’s the down time?

Down time really depends how much redness and sunspots you have. On average it take three to seven days to heal completely but it is easily covered up with a liquid foundation if needed.

Why is it important to use laser treatments together with topical creams and serums?

This truly depends on your lifestyle. If you like the sun, you must apply sunscreen (SPF 60) every two hours that you are directly in the sun if you do not want any sunspots to appear.

For broken capillaries, a great way to keep the cappiler from bursting is a high dosage of vitamin C serum.

Pre-treatment, what questions should you ask your practitioner?

I feel it is important to ask how long they have been doing Photofacials for and do not be shy to ask to see what certifications they have. The laser should be a medical grade laser as well to get the best results.

There are so many machines, skin clinics, types of lasers. How do you pick and differentiate from them all?

This is an excellent question. When I first came into the industry there was truly only two other laser clinics in Vancouver. It was easier for a client to not be as confused because their choices were truly limited.  It may seem like there are so many lasers are on the market, but only four major medical lasers are truly in existence.

You will want to see if they are FDA approved and double check where do the laser originate from. Another question you’ll want to ask is if it is esthetic grade or medical grade.

Any tips for pre or post-care?

You’ll want to be adamant with your sunscreen 10 days before your laser. Applying an oil-free sunscreen every two hours if it is possible.

After you want to avoid sauna, steam, and Bikrams Yoga for seven days – anything that creates heat on the skin. When we are dealing with redness and we want to disperse it, I ask my clients to avoid anything that brings blood to the surface for three days.

Your secret skin care tip?

You want to make sure you are stimulating your skin and not over moisturizing. Exfoliation is the key to beautiful skin

Average cost for a treatment?

Photofacials range from $75-$325 depending on surface area that needs to be done.

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