Why the beard trend is dying and how to get on board

Sep 6 2016, 2:14 pm

Movember’s all about growing your beard for the purpose of backing up a great cause.

But what lies beyond this month-long event exists the great unknown – how do you take care of all that itchy hair when your Movember prelude emerges? Stop overthinking it because you have a great excuse – the beard is officially out of fashion.

Throughout the rest of 2016 and into 2017 you’ll see less facial hair because of the dying beard trend. Stop holding onto that stubbly hair invading your jawline and get ready to turn into what’s being called a yuccie – a young urban creative. This season’s swapping the itchy facial hair for the yuccie clean-shaven look that makes you look more professional and in tune with reality. It’s plain, minimalistic, yet sophisticated. It might even make it easier to draw the girls in since you’ll no longer be scratching any faces with your sandpaper skin.

You’re probably thinking you’ll need about 20 razors to get rid of your beard, but this just isn’t the case. Now you can get just one that lasts for at least four months, in form of the Philips OneBlade, a revolutionary hybrid tool that cuts your facial hair without cutting your skin. It’s a great solution for getting on board with the yuccie trend, complete with a razor for a clean shave, a trimmer to tame any facial hair, and a styler to work with all the curves of your face.

Check out these reasons for why this tool can give you the clean shave you’re looking for.

You can avoid nicks

Guys often avoid their razor at all costs and that’s because the nicks they cause are rather painful, not to mention unsightly. The Philips OneBlade lets you work along the curves of your face creating perfect edges and sharp lines with the dual-sided blade. It styles your edges and creates clean lines by moving the blade in any direction.

It has multiple uses

You can use this razor for multiple purposes, clearing up your bathroom’s counter space since you won’t need multiple shaving tools anymore. It can cut any length of facial hair, whether you’re shaving wet or dry. It can also trim “scruff” to the ideal length and “precision shave” perfect lines.

It lasts a long time

After you’ve shaved your beard you’ll want to maintain that clean shave onwards.  This tool’s blades are designed for long-lasting performance. Replacement is easy and hassle free. And as an important note, you’ll only need to replace the blade every four months

It gives you options

Shaving is different for everyone – choose between the one, three, or five millimetre comb for an even stubble or use the blades to get rid of your facial hair to honour the dying beard trend.

The Philips OneBlade retails from only $44.99 with replacement blades starting at $19.99. Thanks to the tool’s all-in-one function there’s no need for you to use multiple tools that take up counter space. Stay in the know via Facebook.

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