Phantom 911 phone call spooks Yaletown condo dweller

Dec 19 2017, 8:37 pm

Well here’s a twist on the ol’ “the call is coming from inside the house” scary movie moment: A Yaletown condo resident had a “phantom” 911 call come from her landline-free 13th-floor apartment.

UBC medical student Melissa Creelman got a call from her condo’s concierge that emergency responders had to bust down the door of her place after getting a 911 call from the home, according to The Province.

The trouble is, Creelman doesn’t have a landline, and no one was there to have made the call.

The unit, however, does have cable and internet service through Telus, and it seems that the line number Telus assigns to the house to link it to an address generated a hang-up 911 call, reports CTV Vancouver, adding: “According to Telus spokesperson Shawn Hall, there was a human error: a customer of another telecommunications company had misprogrammed a switchboard number with Creelman’s phone number.”

Because the fire department arrived at the apartment and no one answered, they had to break down the door, leaving Creelman responsible for the over $1,000 repair tab.

It’s going to take a couple of weeks for the repairs, and to sort the matter out, and in the meantime, Creelman has to live behind a door with temporary locks she will be billed for, and with the breezy drafts courtesy a broken door frame.

Telus says that while they aren’t responsible for the call, they will handle Creelman’s bills for the incident.

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