This petition wants to change Halloween to last Saturday of October

Oct 31 2018, 6:50 pm

Halloween has taken place on October 31 for centuries, but a group of people are petitioning to change that.

The campaign, started by Michael Wyatt of Louisville, Kentucky, calls for Halloween to fall on the last Saturday of October.

His rationale: Convenience and fun.

“Each year, Halloween falls on a different day.  Naturally, the majority of those days are weekdays that children have school and parents have work,” writes Wyatt in the petition.

“Since Halloween is primarily a kid-related holiday I think it would be more fun for children and easier on parents if the holiday was actually observed on the last Saturday of October.”

“No one would have to rush home on a Monday, to get ready to Trick or Treat for a couple of hours before going to bed to go to work/school the next morning,” continues Wyatt.

The petition has racked up over 3,000 signatures — but Wyatt has been pushing this idea for the last two years.

It’s unlikely this petition will actually change the day of Halloween so just keep to your usual trick-or-treating schedule, folks.

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