5 ways to ensure your pet eats the right kind of food

Apr 24 2017, 4:03 am

When it comes to food, we long for sustainability, transparency, and organic ingredients whenever possible.

And chances are that you want the same for your pet.

There are a lot of different pet foods on the market, and a lot of ideas about what makes a ‘healthy’ diet for dogs and cats. To make responsible choices for our cats and dogs, we need to know more about what’s in the bag and how it got there. But with so many different brands of pet food on the market, it can be difficult to know which foods are actually best for their overall health.

Daily Hive teamed up with Petcurean to explain the important components of pet food and how they help your pooch or kitten stay healthy and happy.

Here are the top five things we suggest looking for.

Ethical and sustainable production

Before buying pet food, do a little research to see if the food is made using sustainable and ethical methods. Ensuring that your pet gets the best out of life can be made easier if they have the right foods.

Sustainability is definitely a priority for Petcurean. GATHER, Petcurean’s latest product line, was made at the brand’s EU (European Union), FDA (Food & Drug Administration), and CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) certified manufacturing plant in Elmira, Ontario. Suppliers and partners for all three GATHER recipes (Endless Valley, Wild Ocean and Free Acres) adhere to strict criteria for sustainability, social and environmental factors.

This includes:

  • Following humane animal welfare practices
  • Protecting water supplies
  • Protecting farmer, rancher and producer livelihoods
  • Ensuring the preservation of natural resources
  • Actively working to preserve biodiversity

Food to match your pet’s requirements

What you feed your pet depends on their breed, age, and size. It can be easy to buy in bulk, feeding general pet food to your cat or dog – but that doesn’t mean it’s what they should be eating. Luckily, pet food has evolved and we now have a lot more options when looking to match foods with your pet’s needs. So, if your pet needs a high or moderate protein diet, limited ingredients, or different sized kibble shapes depending on their life stage, you can find a formula tailored to exactly that. There are also options for unique protein sources to prevent allergic reactions like GATHER’s Endless Valley. This vegan recipe uses certified organic peas and other pure and natural ingredients, that provide all of the essential amino acids and nutrients to provide complete and balanced nutrition.

Experts make the food

When you go to a restaurant, it’s refreshing to see chefs cooking up dishes, so you know each menu item is being made by experts. Although in a different context, the same goes for pet food. You’ll get added peace of mind knowing how and where the food you buy for your pets is made.
There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to GATHER recipes as extensive testing and quality assurance is conducted before the pet food is produced. A handful of farmers, growers, and fishers responsible for the sustainable production of quality ingredients were selected so Petcurean can make the highest quality, healthiest and most flavorful recipes. The organic, free-run chicken used in GATHER Free Acres, for example, comes from Miller Poultry, a company heavily invested in ‘Where Food Comes From,’ a program that provides authentic and transparent information about the food we eat and how, where, and by whom it is produced.

Additionally, each recipe also has the input of Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, who has a PhD in companion animal nutrition – which is pretty cool.

Know your ingredients

Knowing the exact ingredients that are in your pet’s food ensures they have a healthy, balanced diet. Petcurean’s GATHER is the first and only premium pet food that has no rendered ingredients, GMOs, antibiotics, added growth hormones, artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. All recipes are free of wheat, corn, and soy. Containing organic, free-run chicken, sustainably caught fish, and organic peas, flaxseed, oatmeal, and barley, you can rest assured that your pet will be well fed.

Think about the packaging

Puppy/Image: Roxanna Froese, In the River Valley

Chances are that your pet eats a decent amount of food. Because you go through so much pet food, it’s important to consider the waste aspect too. Buying food contained in environmentally-friendly packaging is half the battle, and it helps you stay green.

Packaging used in Petcurean canned products is recyclable, while still maintaining product freshness and durability.  The company also sources its dry pet food bags primarily from North America instead of overseas to reduce their carbon footprint. GATHER products use bio-based plastic produced from sugarcane, which allows the brand to reduce its use of petroleum-based resources by 30% for every bag made.

GATHER helps keep your pets healthy, happy and loving life, as naturally as possible. By using whole food from the earth and oceans it makes feeding your pet easy and worry-free. At the same time, it minimizes the footprints (and pawprints) left behind, which is an added bonus.

For more information, visit Petcurean online or check out the brand’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.