PETA stages gator protest at Vancouver Hermès

Dec 19 2017, 4:11 pm

Animals rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) staged a protest at the Hermès store on Burrard Street on Thursday using body paint and fake blood, according to 24 hrs Vancouver.

PETA alleges that the luxury brand sources crocodile skins for their handbags from American and African farms that treat the reptiles in a reprehensible manner.

“Basically, PETA’s expose into Hermes suppliers in the U.S. and Africa found that these animals have miserable lives and are killed in really bloody and barbaric ways,” said PETA campaigner Emily Lavender to 24 Hrs.

“You see that across the board in these industries, we go in and investigate and find out that they are using the cheapest methods, and they are usually the most gruesome methods.”

Lavender claims one U.S. farm killed the crocodiles by cutting open their throats and shoving a pole down their spinal cords to disconnect their vertebrae.

A supporter of the protest, Rob Koorbatoff, said he’s unsure how effective the protest will be.

“I think it will affect people who probably can’t afford Hermès products, but I think the people who can afford the products won’t even bat an eye,” said Koorbatoff. “I don’t see the point of (leather accessories), with so many products now able to make stuff like the original, with not being an animal, by all means use that,” he said.