5 pet peeves everyone has at outdoor movies

Dec 20 2017, 12:05 am

The movies can be an incredibly relaxing experience, a place where we go to escape from the stresses of work, family and day-to-day responsibilities. Even just two hours of blissful freedom from the constraints of life can be enough to refresh your spirit.

Unless other people ruin it for you.


If you are planning on going to Evo Summer Cinema at any point this season, please be considerate and DON’T do the following:

Talk loudly

Please refrain from talking (on your phone or otherwise) during the movie. We guarantee the stranger sitting next to you doesn’t want to hear about your relationship troubles, how housetraining your puppy is going, or that weird stain on your couch. After all, this is only the 10th time they’ve seen The Breakfast Club.

Sneak in five minutes before the movie starts

Anyone who has ever been to Evo Summer Cinema knows it gets crowded. Really crowded. Space is at a premium, so the people who arrive early don’t appreciate you waltzing in and claiming a two foot square to fit nine people right next to them. Not cool.


Not only is it illegal to smoke in Stanley Park, it is inconsiderate to your neighbours. Whether you enjoy cigarettes, cigars, or other things, please smoke them before the movie starts, out of the park, and away from crowds. Your fellow humans will thank you.


Is there anything more annoying and careless than a litterbug? Stanley Park is a Vancouver landmark, and what better way to show pride in your city than by disposing of your trash properly. Keeping the space clean for other moviegoers is the least you can do. If there isn’t a trash can nearby, take your garbage with you.

Try to find parking

Now this one isn’t strictly “movie” related, but if you are planning to drive downtown to watch any of the great movies Evo Summer Cinema has lined up, you are going to be faced with a challenge – competition will be fierce. Avoid the risk altogether by joining Evo Car Share. Download the app, book a car, drop it off in the specially reserved Evo parking spots, and forget about it. Now you can enjoy Indiana Jones without worrying if that “Permit Only” spot will result in your car getting towed.


For the full schedule of Evo Summer Cinema movies, click here.

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