Vancouverites among the worst tippers of Canada's major cities

Dec 19 2017, 10:11 am

A new study by credit card reading company Square suggests that people in Vancouver are among the worst tippers in Canada.

The study analyzed mobile payment systems in five Canadian cities, revealing that 38 per cent of Vancouverites do not tip. However, Vancouver was not the worst of Canada’s largest cities with Calgary tipping slightly less than its West Coast neighbour.

  1. Ottawa – tip 76.7 per cent of the time (average tip, 15.6%)
  2. Montreal – tip 70.4 per cent of the time (average tip, 14.4%)
  3. Toronto – tip 65.5 per cent of the time ( average tip, 14.5%)
  4. Vancouver – tip 62 per cent of the time (average tip, 13.4%)
  5. Calgary – tip 59.4 per cent (average tip, 13.3%)

Calgary’s low tipping statistic comes at a surprise considering it has some of the nation’s highest incomes. For Vancouverites, its tendency to tip less than its major metropolitan area counterparts might have to do with its high living costs which leaves locals with less in their budget for eating out and entertainment.

Of course, how much a restaurant customer tips depends on the level of service and provided. In Vancouver, some believe 10 per cent is an adequate tip for good service, while others believe it is 15 per cent or as much as 20 per cent.

A low or zero tip appropriately sends servers and business managers a message that service needs to be improved.



Featured Image: Bad tipper via Shutterstock