People of Vancouver: Meet Ashley Mangat and Peter Ty

Jul 13 2017, 9:45 pm

Vancouver is a great place to live, but the real magic of the city lies with the people who live here.

From creative types to runners and yogis, via entrepreneurs, fashionistas, and the Insta-famous; Vancouverites make this the most amazing place on earth.

So we decided to go out and meet a few of them.

(Folake Adesugba/Daily Hive)

(Folake Adesugba/Daily Hive)

Who are you?

Ashley Mangat and Peter Ty.

What do you do?

A: I’m a special events manager at the Hudson’s Bay downtown flagship.

P: I am a visual merchandiser and stylist for Harry Rosen.

Where do you live?

A: Yaletown.

P: I’m originally from here, but now I live in Toronto.

How old are you? 

A: I just turned 33 yesterday.

P: I just turned 30 the day before yesterday.

A&P: Dirty Thirty!!!

(Folake Adesugba/Daily Hive)

(Folake Adesugba/Daily Hive)

What’s your favourite thing to do in Vancouver?

A: Exploring the city like a tourist… checking out new restaurants, walking the Seawall, and spending the day at the beach.

P: You know what, my favourite thing to do – Vancouver has the best dining. The restaurant experience, there’s always a new place to check out, that’s what I love about it. Every time I come back there’s always a brand new restaurant or place to see.

Seafood! OMG So good!

A: We’re spoiled with seafood.

P: That’s one thing I miss when I go to Toronto, like the seafood – Sushi no good!

Where’s your favourite place to eat Vancouver?

A: Nightingale.

P: It’s always my go to, Miku. It’s the one by Canada Place.

What would a perfect night out in Vancouver look like to you?

A: Anything with good friends and good music… no rain is a major bonus.

One thing Vancouver could do without?

A: Uggs and Lululemon yoga pants.

P: All the constant construction. Downtown is brutal, like seriously – there’s so many condos going up it’s crazy. It’s so concentrated downtown – so no one really branches out and everyone just moves downtown.

(Folake Adesugba/Daily Hive)

(Folake Adesugba/Daily Hive)

One thing Vancouver could do with more of?

A: Branching out, for people to move out of their usual social circles and meet new people.

What’s your Vancouver guilty pleasure?

P: Seafood …?

A: Davie Street? The Clubs?

P: No no no, your clubs here suck too! *laughs*

A: *Laughs* You got to come down to earth real quick, don’t forget your roots.

P: I’ll go with sushi.

How would you describe people who live in Vancouver?

P: You know what? I don’t want to use the word pretentious cause it’s so negative, but I find people are just more comfortable in their own little groups of people than to branch out. And it’s just harder to meet more people.

I live in Toronto now and I find it’s more open, like they’re friendly even though you’re a stranger. They’re easier to talk to and people can hold conversations better. So I think the people here lack the social aspect and skills.

What’s your happiest memory of Vancouver?

A: The 2010 Olympics.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

P: Skinny dipping? Yeah in the nude beach area. *Laughs a lot* I was in the appropriate area for that.

(Folake Adesugba/Daily Hive)

(Folake Adesugba/Daily Hive)

What inspires you?

A: Being around creative and positive people. I think positive energy, it’s magnetic and it really propels me to be a better person and do better in my life.

What makes you scared?

A: Losing loved ones, that’s the most terrifying thing to me.

What’s your most prized possession?

A: Photos of me and my late big sister Rita from my childhood.

P: I have my grandfather’s watch, he has like a diamond gold and silver watch that I just adore and I cherish so much.

What is your current wallpaper on your phone?

A: An X for all the exes that I have.

P: Oh my gosh – it’s a dirty one too. No actually it’s tame … it’s like Italian Vogue she’s literally just grabbing his crotch. *laughs*

Folake AdesugbaFolake Adesugba

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