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Dec 19 2017, 4:45 am

I first met Penelope at The Buzz Event on Nov 25, 2010, and after speaking to her for about thirty seconds was struck by her drive and hustle. I said to myself, “I gotta feature this girl on the Buzz.” Maybe it was our East Van connection, or perhaps it was the beautiful greeting cards she was hustling me within minutes. Or it might just be her name that sounds famous (it’s her real name). I don’t know. But here she is featured.

Who is Penelope Sloan?

Penelope Sloan in a 23 year old graphic designer and interior stylist from East Vancouver. She is fun loving, hardworking, and creative entrepreneur. She is also one of six finalists for “BC’s Best Young Designer” competition and will be decorating an apartment for the brand new Morgan Crossing development.

She started her entrepreneurial design career at an early age, making bath bombs, hemp jewelry and greeting cards and selling them in the park near her house or door to door in her neighborhood. She got her first real job at 11 years old (at a near by coffee shop (yes under the table- don’t tell the tax man!) and has been on the go ever since! She has put herself though school, traveled the world and recently launched her design company…and this time the cards are professionally printed!

VCB: Tell us, what is Penelope Sloan Design all about?

Penelope Sloan Design is a full service Interior Styling (interior design, décor and home staging) and Graphic Design company.  I does both types of design separately, or as a package whenever possible. For example, I combines my skills when working with new companies to create a complete visual identity for them. From logo and branding and any visual communication tools they need, to the actual interior space in which they would run their business. I just came out with a line of greeting cards for Christmas…and more designs are to come for Valentines and other occasions. I also do custom cards!

I am also working on a line of home décor products that incorporate my graphic illustrations, patterns and designs. I am in the very beginning stages of this, but watch out for them in the (hopefully near) future. I also love to do art…Basically I am filled with creative juice, not blood – and I like to work, a lot! I have huge goals and ambitions and I believe in my ability to accomplish them!

As a company, PSD stands for quality, originality and value. I hope to achieve success by putting a smile on peoples faces and enhancing their lives with my designs. Design is all around us, and I want mine to be everywhere!

VCB: Did you go to school? If yes, where and how long?

In high school I was fortunate enough to have amazing visual communications classes and a great drafting teacher who basically created an interior design course for me after I told him I wanted to draft floor plans and furniture and not bolts for machinery.

Those classes solidified my love for design and so I took the two year Design Formation course at Langara which focuses on Interior, 3D and Graphic design, and a bunch of business courses…and haven’t looked back since.

I also love to teach myself, I do tutorials and read a lot of design books.  My favorite quote is “Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Learn as if you were to live forever.’’ By Ghandi.  I feel like these words describe my outlook on life and personality perfectly.

VCB: Where do you find the constant motivation?

Knowing that I have something great to share and a never ending list of ideas…I need to get them all on paper or drawn out!! Design is my passion, and I wanna make love everyday! Positive feedback keeps me motivated…well that and wanting to be a self made millionaire haha… I realized at an early age I didn’t live on easy street and no one was going to hand me anything, I was going to have

to work for it… and so I am driven to make it on my own and achieve my goals.

VCB: What makes you different from other designers?

I feel that because I do both graphic and interior design, and have grown up doing a ton of art, craft and creation projects that I have a broad range of skills and perspective. I have the ability to see things for what they could be, not just what they are. I can draw from many different mediums and inspirations to create custom designs tailored specifically to my client’s preferences and requirements. I think i also have a keen sense for the business aspect, which many creatives seem to lack. I have a fun personality and a positive attitude. I am easy to work with, I don’t get offended when someone critiques my work or ideas, I revel in the challenge of making it right! I think the main thing that makes me different is my ability to design so many different things to create totally unique or custom designs for my clients. If you have a business idea, I can design it’s whole identity. I can make your house a home. I can customize or design furniture pieces. I can create a custom art piece for you. So far, I haven’t found any other designers or companies quite like me!

The suites at Morgan Crossing will be open for public viewing and voting on January 17th, so make sure to check them out!

Follow Penelope on Twitter for updates and info on her designs @nelavision or add her on Facebook: Penelope Sloan-Design.

To see her work check out her blog and website: /

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