How to beautifully transform your outdoor space in 24 hours

Jul 15 2021, 1:27 pm

Every year, we anticipate the long-awaited arrival of summer and evenings spent soaking up glorious rays of sunshine outdoors. But this year, it hits a little differently.

Although provinces and cities across Canada are gradually reopening, it will be a while until we’re back into the full swing of our pre-pandemic daily lives, working from an actual office space, globetrotting to the destinations on our bucket list, and attending heaps of concerts.

Until then, we’re enjoying a slower pace in our local communities. Since we can all agree that we’re almost too familiar with the inside of our home at this point, we’re ready to transform our exterior space — no matter what square footage we’re working with.

If you feel the same way and you’re ready to shake up the look of your balcony, patio, or rooftop, these five tips (aka, low-key hacks) we’ve rounded up in partnership with Peller Family Vineyards and their Wine Spritzer Collection can help you transform the space — in 24 hours.

Set the ambiance with lights

Good lighting has the power to completely change the vibe of a space, whether indoors or outdoors. You’ll find weatherproof lights — designed to withstand whatever the elements may bring here in Canada — at a local hardware or home department store. Then, all you have to do is decide whether you want to opt for a strip of bright LED lights or the warmer effect of a string of lights with filament bulbs. You’ll quickly discover how draping the lights around (or above) your outdoor area makes a world of difference and inspires you to spend more time outside with a summer spritzer in hand.

Lay down a chic rug

Inside our home, we appreciate nothing more than the texture of a super soft rug beneath our feet, especially on a cool evening. Now, with tons of brands designing gorgeous (and weatherproof) outdoor rugs, there’s no need to settle for anything less than amazing for an outdoor space. Once you have the aesthetic you hope to achieve in mind, head to a local department store (or order online for next-day delivery, if you have the option) to find the perfect fit. Pro tip: measure the area where you plan to lay down your rug ahead of time. And when you’re done, enjoy a celebratory drink or two.

Decorate with lush plants

If you’re like us, your appreciation for plants has grown immensely since the pandemic began. We realized how one desk plant brings a whole lot of joy on an otherwise typical day of working from home. And when you’ve got plants decorating your outdoor space, it’s good vibes all around. Succulents, cacti, and palm trees are great places to start in terms of hardy plants that require a relatively low amount of maintenance. Or, if you’re unsure of whether you want the commitment of becoming a plant parent right now, you could go for a number of convincing artificial plants. Either way, lush greenery makes a magical backdrop for summer drinks on your outdoor space.

Create a dedicated happy hour area

While the summer season treats us to warm evenings and Instagram-worthy sunsets, we can take it all in over food and drinks (like refreshing Peller Wine Spritzer) with loved ones at our own sophisticated al fresco dining area. You can design yours by sourcing inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram, and you don’t necessarily have to buy much furniture either. Investing in some click-together weatherproof decking is an amazing solution, over which you can layer a bunch of weather-resistant cushions (and maybe add a cute side table) to create the most adorable space for happy hour.

Cozy up with a blanket at sundown

As the evening draws to a close and the sun goes down, it’s going to get a little chilly on your revived outdoor space. But you can stay cozy by choosing an irresistibly soft and warm blanket to wrap over your shoulders while you continue enjoying yourself (you could even purchase a couple of blankets so each of your guests can do the same). As a result, you can all stay outside for longer, sipping on award-winning, light, and low-calorie Canadian wine. The fact that Peller Wine Spritzer comes in portable, elegant cans means it’s also totally okay if you don’t end up buying patio furniture to rest drinks upon.

To learn more about this summer-perfect spritzer made for real-life moments and to order yours, visit

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