Peeping drone caught filming downtown Vancouver apartment buildings (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 11:41 am

A civilian camera-mounted drone was spotted Sunday night “peeping” into apartments in Crosstown.

Local resident Conner Galway said he spotted the drone while he was on his patio eating dinner. He grabbed a quick video and shared what he saw on Twitter:

Galway says seeing the drone so close to his home gave him an “an uneasy feeling” like a violation of privacy. It wasn’t just a one-time pass-by, either. Galway says the drone went by his windows multiple times during the night.

[youtube id=”sTwkFYPbg4w”]

With each return visit, Galway told Vancity Buzz via e-mail he “got more angry that someone would show that level of disrespect both for people’s privacy, [and] for the safety of people below.”

Galway reported the drone to the Vancouver Police Department, however he received varying reactions to his calls.

“The first person I spoke with at the VPD non-emergency didn’t understand, and called the drone a toy,” reports Galway.

When the drone was back outside a little while later, Galway placed another call to the VPD. “The second person I spoke with seemed to be much more concerned,” remarks Galway. “She mentioned that officers had been alerted both times and that they would follow up with me.”

So far, Galway says he has not heard back from the VPD.

While drones are known for their use for military combat and surveillance, smaller commercial versions are now being used in Vancouver by real estate businesses, film companies, and curious average citizens. Recently one quadcopter flew onto the radar of local authorities after it got too close for comfort with aircraft at the Vancouver International Airport.


Featured image: stevemart / Shutterstock