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Dec 19 2017, 1:43 pm


Sitting on the bus, in a coffee shop, a restaurant, half naked on Wreck Beach, or in the movie theatre, you may have witnessed public displays of affection, otherwise known as PDA. Some of these displays could have warmed your heart, stirred up some jealously, or made you unusually nauseous.

Becoming unusually nauseous at 3:15 on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of your iced latte, on a park bench in Stanley Park, due to a two people competing with each other to see who can stick their tongue furthest down each other’s throat, isn’t an ideal situation that you would usually want to get yourself into. Unfortunately, this situation is seen on a regular basis. Not only in Vancouver, but everywhere.

Through personal observation, these dramatic displays of affection may be caused due to a number of factors. 

A) The individuals have had one too many gin’s during happy hour, and they actually forget that they are living on earth where other human beings exist.

B)  The individuals are completely insecure about their relationship.

C) The individuals actually have no sense of respect or common courtesy.


D) The individuals are both taking performance enhancers.

Note: One too many gin’s during happy hour that cause hormones to spark, and happy feelings in the pants to ignite, could be somewhat acceptable. In a sense, the intoxicated individuals are most likely oblivious in the conscious choice to participate in a public slobber fest. In my blog, “Where is my loose moose or goose?” it is obvious that I am a strong advocate for “happy hour”.

Non dramatic displays of affection such as holding hands, a slight peck on the cheek, lips or forehead, or maybe even slight nuzzling is appropriate, adorable and somewhat inspiring for the singles to watch. Yet, the individuals or couples who are practically playing “hide the hot dog” at 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon in Stanley Park, are the ones who need a swift punch of respect.

These dramatic displays of affection, caused by what was listed above (and possibly more), is disrespectful to the community, as well as persuading a exploitative view on relationships and love. Is it really necessary to slobber all over each other in public?  What is the purpose of it? If people wanted to see slobbering, they would be able to do that in the comfort of their own home, without having to pay $2.50 bus fare. They would simply open up their laptop and use Google search, for free.

For those who are in a relationship, regularly participate in public display’s of affection or happy hour, I’m curious to know how much you think it too much when it comes to displaying affection. I understand that people have the ability to chose their actions (gin or no gin), but how far is too far until a line is crossed, and common courtesy and respect are disregarded?

In the meantime, save it for the bedroom.



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