Why parking in Vancouver is a lot easier than you think

Oct 14 2017, 6:54 am

Ahhh parking in Vancouver.

For many, the problem can simply be finding parking in the busy downtown core, but when it comes to paying for parking, that’s a separate ballgame. When you don’t have spare change and you’ve forgotten your wallet, what do you do?

That’s where the Vancouver-based service PayByPhone comes in. The service was acquired by Volkswagen Financial Services AG in 2016, and now it has been awarded a contract with the City of Vancouver, with five possible one-year extensions. So it’s here to stay!

How you can use it

PayByPhone allows you to pay for street parking with your phone in a number of different ways; through a phone call, online, or through an iOS or Android app. It even sends you email receipts, lets you choose your favourite parking locations, and add multiple vehicles – perfect for carpooling. Yes, you can even use the app on your Apple Watch.

It saves you time

Right now, more than 50% of Metro Vancouver households are using the app and taking full advantage of its smart features including the ability to pay for parking remotely, receive parking reminders, and extend a parking session at any time. So if you’re in the middle of lunch with a friend, you don’t have to leave to go and top up a meter. It’s parking made easy and it means you never have to miss out on anything.

Prevents parking fines

Parking meter/PayByPhone

If you see a PayByPhone sticker on a street meter or on a parking payment machine in a lot that you’re in, you can easily pay through your phone in that area. And you won’t have to worry about coming out to find a fine stuck on your windshield.

Supports Vancouver’s tech industry

Located in Yaletown, PayByPhone also supports Vancouver’s thriving tech community, growing by more than 30% since January of this year. With a dog-friendly office and staff socials every Friday, it’s also an exciting place to work.

“We are extremely proud to serve our hometown and give citizens and visitors to Vancouver the best mobile parking experience in the world. PayByPhone is a local employer that will be hiring even more people as we enter a new phase of our long-term partnership with City of Vancouver,” PayByPhone CEO, Francis Dupuis said in a press release.

Global usage

It’s clear to see why since the service is making parking stress-free for Vancouverites. But it’s not limited to use in Vancouver. The app processes more than 1 million transactions per month within Metro Vancouver alone, and it also serves in excess of 14 million customers in cities around the globe.

You can take the pain out of parking by downloading the app now on the Google Play or iOS App Store, or by visiting www.payphone.com.

For more information and the latest updates visit PayByPhone on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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