Pawstruck: CTV’s Ann Luu on why her two dogs are tops

Dec 19 2017, 4:17 pm

CTV Morning Live co-host Ann Luu has three very special men in her life:  Her husband, Mike, and her two Boston Terriers: Nitro and Ramsay.  Ann’s love for dogs goes beyond her home life. She hosts a weekly segment on Wednesdays to do with all things pet-related, including nutrition, fitness, trends, health and wellness.

Ann sat down with Vancity Buzz pet columnist Darcy Wintonyk to talk about why she’s “Pawstruck” with her two furry friends.

Tell me about your dogs

I have two Boston Terriers: Nitro (6) and Ramsay (5). We didn’t get them as puppies so they came already named. I don’t know the origins of Nitro, but I do know that Ramsay was named after Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Ann Lu CTV Dogs

Why two dogs?

It all happened quite quickly. It took my husband about six years to convince me to get a dog. So when we decided to get one, Ramsay was the perfect pick. I never, ever thought I’d have two. After a year with Ramsay, the breeder we got Ramsay from was looking for a home for Nitro. They wanted a family they knew and one they kept in regular contact with.

They asked us if we would be interested and my husband jumped at the chance. After a “trial” weekend, we kept him.

It was a very good decision because now they have each other. And the best part is they play with each other and tire each other out (perfect when the weather is bad out).

Do they have different personalities?

They are the exact opposite.

Ramsay is always on high alert. He is energetic, protective, funny and obsessive, especially with TV and birds.

Nitro is very chill. He doesn’t really know or care with what is going on around him, just as long as you pet him, he is the happiest dog in the world. He loves love and sucks you in with his big eyes.






What’s your favourite thing to do with your four-legged friends?

I love going to the beach with them. Throwing the ball out when the tide is low is the perfect exercise — they run and then swim and we’re all pooped when the day is done. Then, I love snuggling and napping with them…it’s a tie, really.

What would you tell someone who was thinking about getting a dog?

Make sure you have time for them. It’s actually a lot more work than most people think. But, once you have one, they are the perfect companions. We always remind ourselves of Cesar Millan’s rules for a happy dog, because it’s not what most would think: 1. Exercise 2. Discipline 3. Love.


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