Large refinery flare alarms Metro Vancouver residents (VIDEOS)

Apr 3 2023, 5:14 pm

A larger-than-usual flare from the Parkland Refinery alarmed some Metro Vancouver residents Sunday evening, with some thinking the orange glow could be a large fire burning.

Residents shared pictures of the lit-up sky, which was visible across Burnaby and as far away as Metro Vancouver.

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Tara Overholt, a senior corporate communications specialist with Parkland, confirmed there was no fire and the flare was due to planned operations.

“Following the shutdown of the refinery for turnaround, there was an elevated flare when we restarted the facility,” she told Daily Hive.

Source of the orange skies
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The Burnaby refinery has been there since 1935, and over that time larger-than-usual flares have occasionally sparked flurries of calls to the Burnaby Fire Department.

The refinery usually posts about upcoming flares on its website, but the page hasn’t been updated since 2022.

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