Parisian Antique Corsets Exhibition

Lace Embrace Atelier presents a luxurious, Parisian Antique Corset Exhibition featuring the world’s largest antique corset collection!

No other fashion apparel screams Victorian romance like the corset. Back in the day, when women had to wear fine dresses, fancy hats and a polished demeanour, corsets were the staple in every lady’s wardrobe. And although it is now a novelty fashion, time and time again people find themselves enchanted by art and story behind the corset. Yet, very few people are as enchanted or as dedicated as Melanie Talkington, the Corsetiere behind Lace Emrbace Atelier.

Lace Embrace Atelier is currently one of the few corset boutiques in Vancouver, with its jaw-dropping reputation for having the largest antique corset collection in the whole world! Talkington and her team then specialize in recreating the corset, modelled after the original, to meet the demands modern women. “I sleep, breathe and eat corsets!” confessed Talkington. “I’ve always had a fascination for corsetry since I was eight-years old. I loved the history of fashion and the history of clothes. So I wanted to just be able to see and learn more about how women layered their clothing then, how they were worn and how a Victorian corset felt like.” And so the collection grew, and the rest is history.

The history behind the corset fashion is an interesting topic, filled with glamour, utility and social stigmas of the Victorian era. “The reason women wore corsets back in those days was because there was no bra,” said Talkington. “The corset supported the bust and gave women a slim waist. Without much career choices, women had to marry well. And in order to marry well, they had to have a nice figure. So it was something that a woman could use. She could lace it up to extremes, to the point that it would disrupt her organ placement, if she really wanted to have a really small waist and be admired by men.” With so much pressure to find marriage, no wonder Victorian fashion was taken with grave measures.

But as the women garments developed, the corset became less and less a necessity. “Today, we wear corsets for fashion, sexy lingerie and special occasions” said Talkington. We do have other foundation garments now, but the corset is still a sexy piece for your wardrobe. It gives you instant tummy flattening, hour-glass figure, bust enhancement, instant weight-loss and instant gratification!”

Mark of the corset’s popularity in the modern world can be seen in Lace Embrace Atelier’s celebrity clients. Burlesque artist and model, Dita Von Teese, was said to have fallen in love with a miniature sample of a corset (see below) that she insisted on having one life-sized corset for herself. Lace Embrace Atelier was also featured in the Tyra Banks show for its collection, and the cast of the Sucker Punch movie all featured corsets made by Talkington and her team. They are also now in touch with the set of True Blood, and we may actually see some of their corsets during the series.

This weekend, on May 27, Lace Embrace Atelier wants to take us back to the Victorian era with its exciting Parisian Antique Corset Exhibition, held at the grand Hycroft Mansion. Guests are encouraged to wear their Victorian costumes, as the models and team certainly will. This is your once in a blue moon chance to enjoy the tea parties and Victorian romance. Don’t miss out, and maybe you can try a corset as well!

For more details, check out Lace Embrace Atelier’s website.

Photos are courtesy of Lace Embrace Atelier.