Parallel Park on Main & 14th

Dec 19 2017, 5:06 am

If you live in Mount Pleasant chances are you probably noticed a shiny new bench/park installation on the road right next to JJ Bean. Well that installation is known as a Parallel Park (not to be confused with the driving term in which many in the Lower Mainland have a difficulty executing). This installation is part of the VIVA Vancouver program that kicked off this summer in the city of Vancouver.

Here is the official description from the city’s website:

Occupying up to 2 parking spots on E. 14th Ave just east of bustling Main St., the custom designed modular deck will provide free ‘no-purchase-necessary’ seating for pedestrians strolling by. The Cities of San Francisco and New York have both been testing this ‘pop-up-cafe or free public seating model over the last couple of years with great success!

I like the idea of creating more mini gathering spots in the city. It can only encourage conversation with a fellow Vancouverite, something most cities tends to lose as they become bigger. This “Parallel Park” will remain for the month of September. Unlike Picnurbia this doesn’t look like a good spot for the city’s homeless to set up shop.

So far no drivers have complained about the loss of public parking, although I’m sure many will very soon.