Parade of Lost Souls 2012

Once known as the Parade of Lost Souls, the annual Halloween parade in Vancouver’s Commercial Drive neighbourhood is now known as the Secret Soul’s Walk. It’s the only Halloween parade in Metro Vancouver and probably one of few across the country. And what better setting than the eerie streets of Commercial Drive.

Years ago it was a larger parade that shut down Commercial Drive. However, due to budget cuts and the City of Vancouver’s usual lack of funds for cultural events, the parade no longer goes down Commercial Drive. If you’re interested in reading why, here is our article on the funding issues facing the Vancouver arts community from last year.

So as the night sky takes over, the procession will commence as attendees will walk the ghastly streets of East Vancouver and take part in one of this city’s great cultural, grass roots celebrations. Long live the Parade of Lost Souls.

Note: The starting point will not be revealed until October 27, 2012, the day of the walk.

Here is a video from last year’s walk.

Secret Soul’s Walk 2012 event information

Date: Saturday, October 27, 2012

Time: 5:30-9:30pm

Admission: Suggested $5 donation. CASH ONLY

Donation volunteers will not be able to provide change at the entrance gate. If you require change, please feel free to donate at any of the three information booths. They’ll also have a group of roving donation ambassadors who will be on site for the duration of the event.

Payment options: all admissions/donations, merchandise sales and food vendors are CASH ONLY. There will be an ATM on site for your convenience.

Location: East Vancouver. Secret location will be announced on our website, Facebook page and Twitter at 12:01am on October 27, 2012. The Secret location is Strathcona Park. 

Parking: Handicap parking will be available from 5:00-9:30pm near the walk route for vehicles displaying a valid handicap placard (exact location of handicap parking will be revealed on our website on October 27). There will be NO PARKING at the event site or in the surrounding neighbourhood. They will be closing several streets and parking enforcement will be monitoring the area. Save yourself the hassle and walk, transit or cycle to the park. Bike racks will be provided.

Food: There will be food vendors on site (cash only).

Park bylaws ban smoking and alcohol within the park. You may be subject to search by Vancouver Police.

This along with The Dunbar Haunted House are the highlights of Vancouver’s Halloween events.

Image by Public Dreams Society