Pappas Furs closes after 100 years of business

Dec 19 2017, 10:18 am

Pappas Furs is closing its doors for good after a century of being in the business of selling high-fashion furs.

The family company’s retail store is located at 449 Hamilton Street, just across the street from Victory Square in the Downtown Eastside, and has witnessed much of the country and city’s history.

It was born during the era of First Nations trappers, when Pappas Furs was in competition with the Hudson’s Bay Company and partnered with First Nations people to buy fur from them.

The business has its origins in Prince George and grew out of the flourishing Downtown Eastside, the Central Business District of Vancouver a century ago. Pappas Furs stood the test of time over the century to see it transition into a troubled neighbourhood, particularly when Woodwards and Woolsworth closed.

They are known for picking up customers with limousine services who then buy fur clothing that sell for as much as $40,000. A liquidation sale in recent weeks saw prices for items such as a Chinchilla Jacket slashed from $33,700 to $7,988.

The reason for closure is not because of poor sales, but rather for Constantine Pappas’ need to retire after running his family’s business for 45 years. The 24,000 square foot, 3 storey building that Pappas owns is currently being renovated: the lower floors will be rented out to new retail companies while the top floor could become a restaurant.


Featured Image: Fur clothes via Shutterstock