The new P40 Series phones are perfect for content creators (PHOTOS)

Aug 13 2020, 11:11 am

As a content creator, having a phone with a solid camera is paramount. 

The ability to capture the world around you in a way that provides creative control and allows you to execute your vision is key. Of equal importance is having access to the right microphone, video quality, editing software, and apps for executing and sharing your creations. 

So, when the Daily Hive team tasked me with trying out the newly available Huawei P40 Pro — which has the best smartphone camera in the world — I was thrilled at the prospect of taking it for a spin. I was also slightly nervous that I might never want to give it back. 

Excited to experiment with the phone’s next level camera capabilities and other features, I opted to bring it along to document all of my adventures — from weeknight takeout, to hitting up my local farmer’s market and favourite bookstore, to sunny park hangouts. Oh, and lots of ice cream.

Any true photographer will tell you, Leica is the luxury car of the camera world. The name alone gave the new Huawei P40 Series, which is equipped with a Leica-developed camera and lenses, some serious credibility in my books. 

Immediately upon inspecting the device, you’ll notice it’s equipped with multiple cameras on both the front and back. The Huawei P40 Pro features a four-camera setup on the back and two front-facing cameras for some seriously high-def selfie action. 

Meanwhile, the base P40 device has a three-camera system and one selfie camera on the front. 

As I began using the camera, one thing that struck me right away was the ease with which I was able to capture my surroundings. It was like the 3D Depth Sensing Camera could immediately sense what should be in focus and what I was trying to achieve. 

With the unique optical and digital zoom features, I was able to adjust the camera lens from a super wide shot to an intense close-up with the 50x SuperSensing zoom, depending on what I was shooting. This came in super handy for adjusting the lens based on whether I was shooting something from afar, or trying to cut something unwanted out of the frame. 

I found that zoomed-in images maintained their integrity without looking blurry or blown-out — something I’ve often struggled with on other phones.

Hands down, the single most impressive feature I encountered using the device was the camera settings. Using the Pro option, you can adjust all of the camera settings like you would a professional camera. This allows you to control the ISO (which goes up to 51200), aperture, and shutter speed for highly curated images. 

The portrait mode setting has fun built-in beauty effects and filters so you can take super flattering photos of your friends (or yourself), whereas the aperture setting allows you to control your field of depth. Nighttime settings mean photo opportunities don’t disappear along with the sun. 

One of the most dreadful aspects of getting a new phone, in my opinion, is the arduous task of transferring everything over to the new device — or having to start from scratch. 

All to say, I was quite pleased to find that Huawei’s Phone Clone feature had the fastest method of transferring all of my apps and data from my previous phone. You simply have to download the app on both your old and new phone, scan a QR code, select the data you want, and kick back (or make yourself a snack, like I did) while everything transfers.  

Note, it’s possible some apps and data won’t be transferable depending on your previous OS. 

Speaking of apps, they can be downloaded onto the Huawei device using the AppGallery, Huawei’s official app platform, which is pre-loaded on all the P40 Series devices. The software includes Data Privacy that’s been certified by international standards, as well as 360° Protection to safeguard all your downloads.

To edit my photos, I downloaded the Koloro app, which has premium Lightroom presets and editing capabilities. While I was editing, I noticed just how high resolution the images are, which made photo editing from the phone a dream. 

Upon looking into it a little further, I found that the phone’s image resolution can go up to an impressive 8192 x 6144 pixels. If you’re looking to capture some movement, the video capabilities are movie quality and can shoot up to 4K resolution. 

Using Petal Search is another intuitive way to download over a million apps, news, and images with added ease. Add the widget to your home screen to find apps faster and more easily. The unique feature provides an alternative search experience that aggregates information for more relevant results and a more personalized smartphone experience. 

For apps that aren’t available on the AppGallery or Petal Search yet, you have the option to add web version bookmarks to your home screen. This will allow you to navigate the web version of the app until they become fully accessible in app format. 

You simply have to launch your browser, press the icon menu on the bottom right, and add the page to your home screen for easy access. 

One of my favourite things about sampling the new phone was the fact that I didn’t have to charge it a single time and still have some battery to spare. Yep, that’s right. 

The new Huawei P40 Pro Series actually provides some of the best battery life among mobile devices on the market today, because there’s nothing worse than being the person who’s always asking “is there somewhere I can charge my phone?”. 

As I suspected, after spending the week with the P40 Pro I was feeling reluctant to give it up. Suffice to say, I’m seriously considering making the jump and purchasing one I can hang onto for good. For now, I’ll cherish all the fond urban adventures I was able to capture. 

Curious about how the new Huawei P40 Series can upgrade your content creation potential? Learn more about its unique features or how to get your hands on one yourself. 

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