How this small telco company is changing Canadian internet for the better

May 8 2023, 7:03 pm

It’s no secret that Canadians have some of the most expensive internet services in the world. With only a handful of big telecommunications (telco) companies controlling how we get online, the Government of Canada has been working to reduce prices across the country.

While progress has been slower than the internet speeds you’re probably overpaying for, there are smaller telco companies trying to get Canadians quality internet at an affordable price. One of those companies is oxio.

With some of the best customer care and a transparent pricing model, oxio is a telco company that promises to be the first internet provider you will actually like.

oxio’s prices range from $40 a month to $95 dollars a month — depending on the internet speeds you’re choosing from. They not only have resources to help you figure out how to choose the best internet speed to suit your lifestyle but are also transparent about where your money is being spent.

The basics are all included in your price, which means you’ll be getting free internet installation, complete with modem and router, so you can get set up for a stable connection whenever you need it.

What’s more, there are no contracts, so there are no minimums and you’re free to leave at any point — but after trying them out, why would you want to?

If you have any problems while you’re on their network, you’ll get fast, friendly service from someone who lives right here in Canada. You won’t be waiting longer than five minutes to get connected with their customer service, with the average wait time being 30 seconds.

Ready to switch providers? You can head over to oxio’s website now to get a quote on how much it will cost to bring higher speeds and lower fees to your home — and don’t forget to use promo code DAILYHIVE at checkout to unlock one free month and get a taste of what an internet service should be.

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