Outdoor parkour park will open in Vancouver in April

Dec 19 2017, 2:14 pm

Canada’s first outdoor parkour park will open to the public in April.

The public park next to Empire Fields in East Vancouver is being built by the Vancouver Park Board and is part of the 20-year redevelopment of Hastings Park and the $10 million Plateau Park project.

Appealing to a youth audience – and those with a little extra adrenaline running through their veins – was a major focus of the $30,000 project, according to an exclusive by Metro News. The project, including the completion of Plateau Park, will have taken about two years to complete come time for opening in April.

The growing interest in parkour as a sport and activity shows little sign of slowing down.

“It’s here to stay. Everyone kind of does parkour on the playground as a kid…. You’re going to see more and more people climbing on stuff outside,” Rene Scavington, owner of Origins Parkour and Athletics Facility told Metro News.

While parkour might be a more injury-prone activity than playing on the playground, the Park Board will not be liable for any accidents that may occur.

This park might be the only public parkour park in Canada, but the lack of outdoor space hasn’t stopped people from discovering their own parkour destinations. Parkour Spots, for example, is a website that crowd sources popular parkour-friendly areas in cities around the country, including Vancouver.

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