6 fun summer outdoor fitness activities

Dec 19 2017, 11:16 am

Want to get in shape, but don’t want to be stuck in a gym? Why not try some outdoor fitness activities? Recreational activities are great ways to socialize, meet new people, and get into shape.

Fitness is about having fun, and an important part of maintaining fitness is having fun. Rather than forcing yourself to do something that you find boring, try some new things and find what you like. This summer, find some activities that you like to do, and just do them. Here are some suggestions for outdoor fitness activities that you could try this summer:

Net sports

Net sports are a summer time classic. Whether it’s back yard badminton, or beach volleyball, the net always seems to come out. This is a great way to get active, and catch some rays. In order for net sports to be a fitness activity, you must have less people playing. When you have more people playing, there is a lot of standing around. How many people can possibly chase the bird or ball?


Hiking is an awesome activity if you want to get in touch with nature, get some fresh air, get a tan going and burn some calories. As easy as hiking sounds, it can be taxing on the body, especially when Mr. Golden Sun is reigning supreme. This can easily become a group activity, which makes it even more fun. Vancouver has many beautiful hiking trails and routes, such as the Grouse Grind and Pacific Spirit Park, just to name a couple.

Roller hockey

If you’ve ever been down to English Bay, or Queen Elizabeth Park, you’ve probably seen the outdoor roller hockey arenas. Vancouver has a few of these roller / outdoor hockey arenas throughout the city, and summer is a great time to take advantage of these arenas.


You don’t need a whole lot of equipment to play basketball. Most schools have hoops. Grab a ball, grab some friends and have your own NBA Finals. You don’t need a whole bunch of friends, either, as one-on-one games are exhausting.


With the World Cup just finished, many people will feel inspired to be as good as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. Hit the pitch with your friends and set up a game. It doesn’t need to be fully structured – just grab a ball and play. Soccer requires enough running that you should be sweating bullets pretty quickly.

Boot camps or Running groups

If you’re not into sports, and just want to get fit, boot camps and running groups are great ways to socialize and get into shape. Various trainers provide outdoor boot camps, and running groups are always outdoors. Vancouver has many options available, which can be found with a quick Google search.


Walking in forest image via Shutterstock