The top 5 activities for a fun night out in Vancouver

Aug 18 2016, 10:41 pm

If you always visit the same places for a fun night out in Vancouver then it’s no wonder that you’ve probably gotten a bit bored.

Truth be told, a successful evening is determined by a few crucial factors: great food, people, entertainment, and drinks. It seems like a reasonable list but if you’re searching for something new to do then you might feel a little frustrated.

An effective tool for dodging a lacklustre time out of the house is to ask yourself if you’d like to revisit that very familiar routine. Same place, same menu, same drinks. If this thought elicits a blank stare on your face along with an aggravated yawn, then it’s probably time for a change.

In honour of banishing boredom from what can otherwise be an amazing night out with your friends, we’ve compiled a list of the top five activities for having a fun night out in Vancouver.

Sip some vino

Original Joes

Wine/Original Joe’s

Well this one seems too good to be true, but rest assured, it’s not. The magic happens every Thursday when you sit down to sip at Original Joe’s for its 1/2 Priced Wine Night. Since a deal feels even better when you get to taste it, you’ll feel nice and smug as you choose from the wine menu with all bottles 50% off all day. Choose between the Wayne Gretzky Pinot Grigio (BC), Zonin Prosecco (Italy), Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand), and much more.

Munch on appies

Original Joe's

Tempura/Original Joe’s

Vancouver’s home to a barrage of different venues but most of them have one thing in common: expensive appetizers priced at a sum that has you closing your eyes in denial. That’s a kill joy during a night out with the friends , so naturally, “Appy Hour” is a welcomed (and rare) commodity in the life of someone who could use a little fun. You’ll find it on the regular at Original Joe’s Monday to Friday from 3 to 6 pm, scoring 50% off select appetizers. So whatever you do, don’t skip to your entree straight away and instead, anticipate symptoms of drooling. Take these appetizer examples as food for thought before you head out: truffle parmesan chips, margherita flatbread, steamed mussels, and greek ribs.

Gorge on entrees

Original Joe's

Fettuccine/Original Joe’s

Clean up and hit the town for some dinner. If there’s any hesitation on your part it’s because everyone’s looking for something different to eat, so just imagine having a diverse array of tasty options all in one place. Your food preferences will not slight you during your precious night out when it’s time to stop by Original Joe’s. For the vegans and anyone with gluten free needs – you’ll find tons of diet-friendly options like salads, tacos, and even burgers. Gluten free or not you’ll enjoy the home cut fries, fish tacos, pan seared brocollini, and more. The full menu is pretty admirable but check out these dishes to amp your night up beforehand: fish and chips, the beef dip, grilled salmon, steak and shrimp, just to name a few. You get a choice of two sides for every entree and don’t forget that breakfast is seven days a week.

Watch live sports

You’re all about game days with your buds but you want the food and drinks to be top notch. The holy grail for watching NFL, NHL, and world sports like Premier League Soccer is close by – never fear. Original Joe’s has 14 big screens so you can watch it all with the bar receiving major kudos for its infusion of the best in sports with prime food and drinks. As usual, your adrenalin rush will fade after the game, but don’t waste your time saying sayonara to the fun. Check out the Original Joe’s Robson location to sit in the sports bar and have a great time.

Drink Canada’s best beer

Beer – it’s a thrill that will never fade and you’re looking for it on your Friday night. It’s time to give your usual brands a break by trying a Canadian beer you’ve never sipped before. Sound fun? Get ready to wipe that foam stache off at Original Joe’s Robson location as part of its Community Pint program. Every month sip pints from a select brewery and 50 cents from that beer will go toward a regional charity specified for the month. Original Joe’s also works with Mealshare in providing for those less fortunate.

Check out Original Joe’s Robson location and you’ll be greeted by its friendly staff. The wide selection of menu and entertainment options means there’s something for everyone. Stay in the know about the menu and cool events via Facebook and Instagram.

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