Organic Seven Pollen Facial at Bare Wax Bar

Ah, facials. Being a girl with dry skin, I’ve also been curious to trial the latest and greatest, searching high and low to combat and prevent wrinkles. 

Recently, I ventured over to Bare Wax Bar to indulge in their new Organic Seven Pollen Facial Treatment that uses an organic blend of seven Thai flowers including Sacred Lotus, Sarapee, Bakula, Jasmine, Bunnag, Ylang Ylang and Champaka. The line Erb is carried exclusively at Aruhndara and has been bringing the best of Thai beauty to Vancouver.


The pollen from the seven flowers is cold pressed, mixed with grain oil and extracted into an oil. The best part about it? The scent. It’s heavenly and unique – not like the typical perfumes you find in beauty products.


At Bare Wax Bar, owner Kimmy Le patiently explained each of the seven products to me and offered soothing shoulder and arm massages. For me, a sign of a relaxing facial is the ‘zzz-indicator’. Did I go into spa-coma and fall asleep on the bed? Yes. The products were light, refreshing and I can definitely appreciate that they are organic, but for my dry skin thought this would be a nice mid-season facial rather than the more extensive overhaul I try to do each season.

Either way, a great experience and ZZZ on the zzz-indicator!

Bare Wax Bar

1828 W. 1st Ave.
Vancouver, B.C.

Tel: 604-558-1338

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1060 Hamilton Street,
Vancouver, B.C.

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