Orca whales' rare beach 'rubbing' behaviour caught on camera (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 1:53 pm

Whale watching doesn’t get closer and more personal than what Chris Wilton experienced last week at the Discovery Islands’ Dog Bay near Campbell Island.

Wilton captured the experience on video, which shows about six northern resident orca whales, including young calves, swimming in waist-deep shallow waters to rub their bellies on beach pebbles. Throughout the experience, Wilson and his companions were merely a few metres away from the whales.

[youtube id=”TJdjSjOGZuw”]

According to CTV, the northern residents are one of the only orca populations to perform such behaviour. They are also very selective about which beaches they rub their bellies on, specifically beaches with smooth pebbles.

It is believed that the beach rubbing is a social behaviour rather than a way to shed off dead skin.

Feature Image: Chris Wilton