Close encounter of 60 orca whales swimming by Galiano Island (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 8:15 am

An orca whale parade? Leaving the orca whale convention at Galiano Island? Sea Pandas! Okay, we’ll stop but you have to watch this absolutely incredible, high definition close encounter video of dozens of orca whales swimming through Active Pass.

The video was taken on Sunday, August 25 just after 11 a.m. from the shores of Galiano Island (Gulf Islands). The camera person was merely feet away from the whales. Baby orcas were part of the pack, seen “frolicking” with their parents and other older whales – all jumping, splashing and diving as they quickly swam by.

Just as one pod of whales passed by, more continued to swim followed by even more throughout the 3 minute 34 second video. We did a few attempts at counting how many whales there were, and we counted at least 60 orcas – an unusually large pod size. These were resident whales, feeding mainly on fish rather than hunting other marine mammals.

Since it was first posted on August 25, the video on YouTube has recorded nearly 350,000 views. Don’t forget to watch the video below in high definition!

[youtube id=”NfyVMWuUQnw” align=”center”]