Opinion: BC Liberal Record on Healthcare

The quality and success of are healthcare system can be measured one of two ways either we can base our assessment on the amount of money we spend on healthcare or we can look at where the money is spent and what the outcomes are. The former is the approach taken by the NDP and the later is the approach the BC Liberals have taken.

Since forming government in 2001, the BC Liberals have spent 8 billion on capital investment in Healthcare; countless hospitals have been built or upgraded. The Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre was the first hospital to be built in British Columbia in 30 years. During the 1990’s, the NDP continually promised Abbotsford a new hospital but never delivered, the NDP announced a new mental health facility for the Thompson-Okanagan-Kootenay area 4 times but it never materialized.

The NDP would also have you believe that the provinces healthcare budget has been severely slashed, but what they will not tell you, investments in healthcare have increased by 7 billion since 2001. The Ministry of Health will also receive an additional 2.4 billion over the course of the three-year fiscal plan that was presented by the BC Liberal government. This focused spending in healthcare by the BC Liberals has led to outcomes that provide British Columbia with the lowest smoking rates and the overall best cancer survival rates in Canada.

Outcomes of healthcare and investments healthcare infrastructure isn’t the only place where the BC Liberals have had success, wait times for hip and knee replacement surgery and heart surgery wait times have been dramatically reduced. And the GP for me program was launched to ensure every British Columbian has a family doctor.

When we have focused and looked at the outcomes of our healthcare system and not just how much money we spend on it, the healthcare system has improved. The NDP have chosen to tell a fictional tale about the BC Liberal record , but a look at the NDP record tells us that the false accusations they levy against the BC Liberals today were a reality under the NDP in the 1990’s.

Written by a guest contributor to Vancity Buzz.


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