Open House at MakerLabs, a first-of-its-kind Vancouver tool-sharing business

Dec 19 2017, 11:08 am

A first-of-its-kind tool workshop and space for artists is inviting the public to attend an open house and its official grand opening party this weekend. MakerLabs is a membership-driven, for-profit, shared workspace with a library of high-tech tools that anyone can use for a $100 monthly membership fee, or rent by the minute.

Other Vancouver non-profits have already adopted this tool-sharing model, but MakerLabs is the first to test whether the vibrant Mount Pleasant community can support a for-profit tool-sharing business.

The Grand Opening on Friday will be celebrated with an art show curated by Aurora Digitalis, an arts non-profit. Over twenty artists will exhibit an array of projection art installations, using light to demonstrate the some of the projects made possible by MakerLabs.

MakerLabs brings together makers of all kinds and provides access to tools like laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC routers, woodworking tools and more. It is not affiliated with Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, but belongs to the same, growing community of “Makers.” The Maker movement is a growing trend of DIY enthusiasts who make everything from quilts to giant robots.

Aurora Digitalis aims to increase public awareness of and exposure to technology-driven art. We want to heighten its perceived value in society by producing interactive and engaging experiences that push boundaries wherever art and technology intersect.

Photo credit: Jessica Frederick