A new online-only plant store launches in BC

Jul 28 2020, 6:00 pm

A new online-only plant store has launched andĀ is introducing a new way for BC plant parents to take home plants.

This means that you can order plants atĀ PlantsomeĀ online, and have them delivered to your door in a few business days.

The company was founded by two brothers, Axel and Thom, ā€œto make finding, buying and caring for houseplants easy, in a fun, engaging and hassle-free way”, and launched in March of this year.

Their website allows you to choose plants that will perfectly match the room that theyā€™ll be growing in and the lighting they will be given. The company sources AAA-grade plants from nurseries around the province.

Fill in the blanks on the Plantsome plant finder to find the plant that will best fit your space. (We got a Boston Fern).

If you place an order before the afternoon, the company will deliver your plant to you in 2 to 3 business days.


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The company also offers accessories for your plants like pots, nutrition, soil and watering.

Plantsome also has an app for those notorious for killing plants. The app monitors local weather and tells users when and how much water their plant needs.

Editor’s Note: While the headline for this article initially stated it was “Canada’s only” store, this was incorrect. The headline has been updated.

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