Online Fashion Retailers: Trinity Styles

Online fashion boutiques are a great way to discover new fashion trends and unique styles. One retailer providing the latest trends for every season is Trinity Styles, which has been located in Vancouver since 2009. From starting on Facebook to reaching the whole of North America, Trinity Styles seeks fashionable trends inspired from Korea, Japan, and Europe. 

For this winter season, Trinity Styles carries various clothing that are perfect for staying warm. My top winter picks are:

1) Candy Parkah Jacket

This Candy Parkah Jacket has a fleece lining, which is perfect for staying warm and colourful when night falls early on a cold winter day. There are three different colours to choose from: mint, pastel purple, and dark purple. Stay warm and comfy with this jacket for $99.

2) Soft Pastel Cocoon Cardigan

A cardigan is a staple in any wardrobe. They can be worn over jeans, leggings, skirts, and dresses and can be mixed with any fashion trend. For the winter season, a thicker cardigan can be worn under a thin layer. This soft pastel cocoon cardigan originates from South Korea and its soft, stretchy knit would fit every size. Pick up this cardigan for $41.

3) Plaid Acrylic Cashmere Scarf/Shawl 

What is winter without a scarf? Scarves are accessories that can be worn through every season. It’s a classic item through fashion history. Bundle up with one of Trinity Styles’ best sellers – the Plaid Acrylic Cashmere Scarf. Not only is it a scarf that keeps the warmth in and the cold out, its size can be used as a shawl (or a blanket!). This best seller retails for $25.

Pleather is a chic trend, and this pair of pleather shorts is a unique piece to match your tops. This can be worn alone during the summer or spring, but you can also wear it under tights to make a fashion statement. These pleather shorts comes in two different colours (black or white) for $18.99.
Lastly, these Koala Fleece Lined Leggings are the perfect thing to wear during the cold. Wearing black leggings are great, because they work with almost any outfit – from casual to a night out. However, when the temperature is almost freezing, it’s hard to wear leggings and not shiver at the same time. Instead, opt for Trinity Styles’ Koala Fleece Lined Leggings that are extra thick to keep you warm but looking fashionable at the same time. These come in two colours, opaque black or transparent black for $30.
Fashion trends found at Trinity Styles are ones that can’t be found in Vancouver, yet they are affordable at the same time. The photos you see online are photos of the actual products because they want every customer to receive what they see online. Trinity Styles stick with their policy in “escaping retail sameness” and this motto has been strong since 2009.
They ship within Canada and the United States, or meet up locally in Vancouver. To learn more about their shipping policies, find out here.
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Pictures from Trinity Styles
Article by: Whitney Hong – Stay Connected at  @wheetnee, or check out her blog at WandsAndPliers