One Year One Percent Campaign

A Vancouver-based company is launching a campaign geared toward anyone in the Lower Mainland who wants to make a positive impact.

The campaign, One Year One Percent, is teaming up with another local organization, the Charitable Impact Foundation (Chimp), to challenge bloggers, Internet writers, and anyone who has a voice to donate 1% of their 2013 income to charity. All participants will be encouraged to have an amount of their choice pulled automatically (or at their discretion) from their credit card and into their personal Chimp Fund.

About Chimp

Chimp acts as a charitable bank, so when users sign up they open a “savings account” just for giving. Itʼs their Chimp Fund, and users can set up a recurring deposit of any amount into it. From there funds can be sent at any point to any charity in Canada. By separating the withdrawal act from the donation, being charitable seems less like spending and more like giving. Giving one per cent through Chimp allows users to commit and budget now and decide where to direct their gifts later.

For more information about the One Year One Percent Campaign, check out their website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, or their Blogger Tool Kit.
Image Credit: One Year One Percent’s Facebook group