One Vancouver food truck now accepting Bitcoins

Dec 19 2017, 11:07 am

In this new era of digital currency, Vancouver’s Old Country Pierogi is the first food truck in the city to accept Bitcoins.

The Surrey-based food trailer began taking the digital currency mid-June.

It’s a pretty cutting edge move for a business with an old world vibe to be taking the leap into alternative currency, although it is fair to note that it’s only been a few years since contemporary food trucks have become a new norm in eating out.

The partnership between street food vendors and Bitcoin could very well prove to be as long-standing as fish and chips (or cabbage rolls and pierogies, in this case).

Vancouver is a leader in Bitcoin usage among Canadian cities; here you can use the online tender to buy just about anything from a cup of coffee to marijuana to get a place to live. You can even turn it into real Canadian cash – we’re home to the world’s first Bitcoin ATM.

Just south of the border, Seattle’s Cheese Wizards truck has been taking Bitcoin for their grilled cheese sandwiches since October.

Photo: Old Country Pierogi/Facebook