6 quirky buttons you can wear to support courageous women

Jun 29 2017, 9:41 pm

Everyone faces challenges.

You could face them every day, every week, or even every month.

But it’s making the right choice in the face of a difficult situation that requires so much courage. Talented digital design illustrator, Eugenia, is inspired by women who act with courage.

So it makes sense that she has created a cool passion project called ‘OMG I LOVE HER.’ It’s a series of six different kinds of buttons that you can wear on your clothes or attach to your bag.

Each button is inspired by someone who Eugenia feels is an inspiration to women in general. They’re quirky and super cute. And it only costs $5 for a pack of three online at OMG I LOVE HER.

Spoke Out buttons

Spoke out buttons/OMG I LOVE HER

Inspired by: Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai.

What Would Michelle Obama Do buttons


Inspired by: None other than the last first lady.

Strange Year buttons

Strange Year buttons/OMG I LOVE HER

Inspired by: Engineer and author, Susan J. Fowler.

Tenacity buttons

Tenacity buttons/OMG I LOVE HER

Inspired by: American journalist and former corporate defense attorney, Megyn Kelly.

She Persisted buttons

She Persisted buttons/OMG I LOVE HER

Inspired by: Harvard law professor and Massachusetts senator, Elizabeth Warren.

Refused buttons

Refused buttons/OMG I LOVE HER

Inspired by: Former US deputy attorney general Sally Q. Yates.

Designer of the buttons Eugenia has worked in digital agencies throughout Canada over 10 years, including Blast Radius. Here, she worked with an elite team called ‘Academy’ and contributed to several award-winning projects for her work on numerous Jordan brand Jumpman23 campaigns.

Choose who inspires you and then snap up your own pins online. It’s that easy to show support for courageous women in your life.

For more information about these quirky buttons and the inspirations behind them, visit OMG I LOVE her online. To see photos of how you can stye yours, visit OMG I LOVE her on Instagram.