Omega Boutique Opens @ Hotel Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 3:58 am


Omega, the makers of fine watches have opened their first boutique store in Canada (I find that kind of odd as I would have thought for sure they would have one in T.O.). Anyways, the store, which is now open, is only temporary and will close at the end of March 2010 so if you feel like splurging then you better do so fast. The store also carries a limited edition Vancouver 2010 themed watch (seen to your right). If you ask me that watch is kind of lame, it likes they just threw the color red (for you know Canada) and it can all be yours for the paltry price of $5000. I’m sure these will sell as souvenirs for the rich.

The boutique is located in the Hotel Vancouver, next to Snowflake and Gucci. The retail price of the watches range from $2000 to $400,000. Omega also plans on bringing celebrity spokespersons or as they call them “ambassadors” to Vancouver during the Olympics. Who will it be, George Clooney, Nicole Kidman or lets hope not Sergio Garcia? So go and check it out, you only have four months, ha!