Officials clean up rumours of pet waste being banned from garbage bins

Dec 19 2017, 7:08 pm

Metro Vancouver regional district officials say that reports stating that a ban on pet waste in public garbage cans is a pile of, well, excrement.

Due to the confusing wording on Port Coquitlam’s official website stating that the disposal of animal waste in public or private trash cans is “not permitted”, throughout the week there have been media reports of the introduction of a new municipal policy that bans the disposal of pet feces in garbage cans.

The website instead only encourages pet owners to pick up their pet’s waste, bag it and then dispose of it at home through compost or flushed down the toilet.

Bill Morrell, the media relations manager for Metro Vancouver, told CBC that although feces are prohibited in garbage cans all across the region, it is unrealistic to expect all pet owners to dispose of pet waste at home. It is merely a suggestion and dog owners will not be fined if they are found dumping small amounts of dog excrement into public park garbage cans.

Metro Vancouver’s official policy states that small, double-bagged amounts of waste are accepted in household garbage.


Featured Image: dog waste via Shutterstock

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