Occupy Vancouver Served Notice. Will They Leave?

This past weekend a young girl, while “protesting” at the Occupy Vancouver, died due to an apparent drug over dose. The fact that there is heavy drug use at the site should not come as a surprise to anyone because many of the people in these tents are people from the DTES. If they weren’t at the Vancouver Art Gallery in a tent, they would be scattered throughout downtown. Perhaps, the lack of affordable housing in the city should be the message at Occupy Vancouver, however, whatever they are about is overshadowed by their actions.  If the people of the city weren’t already irritated by the “eyesore” that is democracy at work, the overdose death may be the last straw for many.

Above is the notice served to Occupy Vancouver stating that they don’t have to stop protesting, but their tents have to come down. Will they leave? Or will they go out fighting? Failure to oblige will no doubt result in further public anger towards the movement. Right or wrong, the people at Occupy Vancouver need to get some sort of clear and coherent message across because at this rate they will be the 1% as many citizens right now are not on their side.

Image: Doria Banks