Forget Occupy Vancouver Please Think About Occupy Sesame Street

Dec 19 2017, 5:09 am

Forget about all the hoopla surrounding the “Occupy Vancouver” protests and the fact that Jim Sinclair has joined another protest against business, everyone should shift their focus to “Occupy Sesame Street”. I implore you, won’t somebody please think of these poor muppets! You see the muppets are part of the 99% of Americans that have difficulties working for “the man” and still make a decent living.

Poor Cookie Monster has to live off a paltry dozen cookies a day, while “the man” pulling his strings enjoys them by the box load leaving Cookie Monster to nibble away at his crumbs. Elmo isn’t having any luck either as he has reached his tickle quota. No more tickles for Elmo.

Oh look it’s Kanye West, bling and all! If there is anybody that has any issues with the government down south it’s the black man. Just check out the poverty and unemployment rates in predominantly black communities. Even if they wanted a job they have a hard time getting one. Time for The Game to start his own movement and call it “Occupy Black Wall Street”.

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DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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