Occupy Vancouver Marches Down The Streets

Shortly before 2pm, the Vancouver Art Gallery was clean, with only a few remnants of the protest. Gone were the occupiers and everyone was wondering what their next move would be. Well, they literally kept moving. They started their march down Georgia Street, up Granville and then down Smithe Street passed the courthouse and on to Robson Square. They have set up a stage on Robson Square – provincial land not leased by the city, thus possibly getting around the current court order to move.

Say what you want about the protesters but this is the kind of demonstration I can get behind. Sure it will be an inconvenience to many but they’ll get that has to be done to get their message across. It’s far better than squatting at the Vancouver Art Gallery lawn. However, if it’s temporary and they just squat at Robson Square, then again the demonstrations will alienate the vast majority of the working class.

What are your thoughts? Is Occupy Vancouver successful in gaining your support or are you further infuriated by their actions?

Image: Twitter