Nudists start petition to save clothing optional Okanagan beach

Dec 19 2017, 11:36 am

Nudist sunbathers and a group of beachfront residents at Penticton are at odds over the usage and access of the municipality’s Three Mile Beach on the shores of Okanagan Lake.

The tug-of-war controversy began earlier this summer when Cary Pinkowski installed a fence, erected no trespassing signs on his land and hired security to keep nudists away. B.C. law establishes that private land can extend to the high tide/high water mark line of a beachfront.

He told the CBC that the naked people who go through his property to access his beachfront were scaring away potential buyers. Not only do were they nude, but he says he has witnessed them performing sexual acts and seen ads for sexual encounters at the location.

Since then, nudists have moved to an adjacent public beach where children and families play, causing the ire of other neighbouring residents. A small group of people who live in the area have been circulating a petition to plea for the municipality to take immediate action against the nude people.

According to The Province, residents have even gone as far as saying that the nudist sunbathers should be convicted of terrorism.

Since Pinkowski erected the barriers and signs, nudists have created an online petition to designate the strip of beachfront as an clothing optional destination. They argue that it has been an unofficial nude beach since the 1950s and want to ensure that it remains as such.

To date, the petition to “save” the nude beach has attained more than 460 signatures.


Featured Image: 3mile clothing optional beach via Facebook