Cloud Money transfers never felt so good - nTrust lowers domestic and international transfer fees

Dec 19 2017, 10:18 am

In this day and age cash is becoming a thing of the past. We increasingly rely on debit and or credit and of course our phones to get us through the day. Unfortunately, when a tab can’t be split or a vendor only takes cash we become a slave to finding the closest ATM, and end up victim to outrageous transaction fees just to access our own money. Traditional banking fees can add up and a simple transfer to your friend who covered the bar tab last night can be more of a pain than the hangover it caused.

With everything now at our fingertips, you would think this problem would have been solved by now, but traditional banking apps still charge fees to transfer money – clearly not meeting the needs of today’s technically-connected consumer.

nTrust, a Vancouver based regulated and trusted global money transfer platform, has done their research and has launched a fee-free alternative. Combined their innovative technology and bank level security, the platform lets you transfer money conveniently, securely, inexpensively and in amount when and how you want.

ntrust fees

Today, nTrust has announced that they now offer free uploads, transfers and withdrawals between Canadian members, making them the most competitive money transfer service available. We know that saying goodbye to banking fees sounds too go to be true so check it out for yourself.

nTrust has been working hard to revolutionize the way you move your money and getting rid of transaction fees is just the start. Keep up-to-date with nTrust on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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