NPA proposes reduced Vancouver parking meter times, free parking on Sundays and holidays

Dec 19 2017, 8:21 pm

The Non-Partisan Association (NPA) has pledged that if it holds a majority of the Vancouver City Council seats following next month’s civic election, it will implement significant changes to metered street parking outside of the downtown peninsula.

Street metered parking in the neighbourhoods outside of the city core will be free on Sundays and statutory holidays. In addition, the party’s platform also proposes to end meter parking at 8 p.m. instead of the current 10 p.m.

NPA mayoral candidate Kirk Lapointe says the current restrictions implemented under Vision Vancouver governance punishes those who require vehicles to get around, including families, seniors, individuals with mobility issues, and small businesses.

“Gregor and the Vision machine don’t accept the fact that sometimes driving is the only option for many people,” said Lapointe in a statement. “They want Vancouverites who rely on cars to pay up.”

Lapointe says that the extended times to late evening were first introduced for the 2010 Winter Olympics, but it was not removed despite being implemented as a temporary traffic control measure.

He adds that forcing metered parking 365 days a year is a “money grab” and “nothing more than a way to gouge motorists.” His party is aiming to address some of the cost of living issues by providing vulnerable Vancouverites with a break on their transportation costs.

Further changes to the city’s street parking policies, such as variable pricing, could be made through information gained from the expanded use of mobile technology and smart meters.


Feature Image: Vancouver Parking Meter via Shutterstock

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