Notorious Downtown Eastside landlord turns himself in after warrants

George Wosley turned himself in to provincial court on Monday after ten warrants were issued for his arrest after he failed to pay back $18,000 he owed to former residents and appear at his scheduled court appearances.

According to the Pivot Legal Society, Wosley owned and operated two of the city’s most notorious single-room occupancy hotels in the Downtown Eastside.

His tenants were awarded $29,000 in compensation for the squalor conditions, however, he failed to pay more than $18,000 of the amount.

Issues with the living conditions that were under Wolsey’s management allegedly included bedbug and cockroach infestations, holes in the wall, sinks and plumbing not working for weeks, and even a single shower being shared in the entire hotel with dozens of people.

Wolsey was also a pharmacist and allegedly forced his tenants to fill their methadone prescriptions through his pharmacy. Those who failed to do so would be evicted.

Image: Roaming the Planet